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We are the leading flatten PDF online. We offer the best PDF flatten service. Ours flatten PDF online service is easy to use, convenient, free, plus there is no need to download any file. Our service will keep your tables, images, formatting, and text the way they are in Word.

Easy to Read a PDF

At CocoDoc, our flatten PDF service is easy and straightforward to use. There are no complex procedures or different registration forms to read the flatten PDF online. It works as a plug-and-play system.

Non-Editable PDF file

Unlike other PDF flatten services online, the result or outcome of our process is truly non-editable. After flattening your PDF file, your readers would not be able to manipulate the file.

Super Fast Speed

Our flatten PDF online service is very fast. Once you upload your document and click the convert button, you will get a non-editable file within seconds.

Safe & Encrypted

Using our service guarantees your security. We use 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that your personal data is secure. Plus, we don't disclose user data or their personal information.

Automatic File Deletion

After flattening your PDF file, you can delete your file from our server. In the event that you forget, the file would be deleted automatically to guarantee your privacy.

PDF Merging And Splitting

We use cutting-edge tools to flatten your PDF online. We rotate, compress, and merge different PDF files for free. We can also help you split a PDF file into multiple files that are editable.

Supports Different Devices

You can flatten your files or make them uneditable using any device. We support multiple devices and operating systems, including Windows, Linus, and Mac.

24/7 Live Support

We are different from other PDF flatten services online in that we have a customer support service that works round the clock to resolve users' complaints.

How to Make a PDF Non-Editable?

Making a PDF non-editable is simple on the CocoDoc platform. It is a three-step process as seen below:

  • The first step is to select the document you wish to flatten to PDF online.
  • Ours flatten PDF online service will copy the content and format of the document and flatten it into a non-editable PDF file.
  • The flattened PDF will be ready for download in seconds.

Flatten PDF FAQs

What Does Make a PDF Only Read Mean?
Making a PDF read-only means that you want users or readers of the PDF file to view and read the file only without being able to edit or manipulate the file.
Why Make a PDF Non-Editable?
The number reason why people make a PDF non-editable is to prevent readers from editing or manipulating PDF content.
How to Make a PDF Read Only?
Flattening a PDF is super easy. All you need to do is to follow these instructions:Go to CocoDoc's PDF converter.Upload your file and convert the entire page to a JPG.Click "to PDF" on the next page.Wait a few seconds for the file to be available for download.This should flatten your PDF.
What Is the Best Tool to Read a PDF Online?
There are so many tools that you can use to read a PDF online. Out of all the tools available to read a PDF online, CocoDoc still remains the best. We have a user-friendly interface and we put beginners in mind.
What Else Can I Do with a PDF?
You can do so many things with a PDF, including the following:Get creative with PDF sewing patterns.Download your Pinterest pins to PDF.Create PDFs of Wikipedia articles.Download your PDF to appear like notebook paper.

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